Top 5 Providers of White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Software

4 min readJul 30, 2021

Cryptocurrencies are here to stay. And with Bitcoin recently hitting the $60,000 mark, interest in blockchain technology is higher than ever. In fact, Bitcoin is mentioned on social media every 2 seconds and there are over 4,000 cryptocurrencies today.

However, listing on a crypto exchange can be expensive, as fees can range from $5k to $500k. As a result, there is a new trend at work. To avoid exchange listing costs and pass the minimum requirements of CoinMarketCap, some cryptocurrencies are now creating their own exchanges. As a result, white label cryptocurrency exchange platforms have risen in popularity.

For those unfamiliar with the concept, a white label crypto exchange platform is an established and functioning exchange infrastructure that another organisation can use and rebrand.

In general, white label software is a market-ready, highly scalable solution that others may adapt to meet their own business and aesthetic needs. The purchasing organisation has complete control over the color scheme, branding, and optimization of the white label product.

A company can benefit from white label cryptocurrency exchange software in a variety of ways. For example, the purchasing organization can save money that would otherwise be spent on technical resources. It also saves the time it would take to create an exchange from the ground up, allowing for faster implementation. In addition, a white label solution saves a company from having to go through the time-consuming trial and error process of creating an exchange.

The following is a list of top five providers of white label cryptocurrency exchange products and solutions to keep an eye out for in 2021.


Skalex is a German company, specialized in developing blockchain applications and cryptocurrency exchange software for businesses.

Skalex white label crypto exchange software has enhanced security and allows for extensive customization. The company has an experienced and talented staff of blockchain engineers who provide organizations with scalable solutions.

Skalex exchange software offers API integration, market making, cryptocurrency to fiat exchange capability, liquidity options, multi-currency support and other features.


B2Broker provides a wide selection of turnkey solutions that combine the highest level of quality with cutting-edge technology. Business owners that use B2Broker white label crypto exchange solution benefit from the following advantages:

  • No hidden payments and fees.
  • A broad scope of available widgets — platform managers activate those widgets on their own.
  • The solution supports REST and WebSocket methods of API connection.
  • A powerful matching engine that processes 30 000 requests per second.

B2Broker uses years of knowledge and advanced tools to help consumers get a head start in the blockchain space. Their solution is referred to as the best white label crypto exchange platform by a large number of business owners.

HashCash Consultants

HashCash Consultants, located in California, focuses on blockchain and crypto-based products and services, such as white label crypto exchange software. The firm is recognized for providing Bitcoin exchanges with scalable and highly configurable white label solutions.

HashCash provides a high-frequency crypto trading platform, which supports all major worldwide fiat currencies. It also has an encrypted hot wallet and a multi-signature cold wallet with a powerful matching engine, as well as the ability to add and remove crypto trading pairs with ease.

Among other features, the white label solution includes ERC20 compatibility, KYC verification, order book and matching engine, CMS, document management, wallet management system, UI/UX branding, block confirmation tracking, and mobile application.


BitHolla is a South Korean company that specializes in providing blockchain products and services to businesses. Their HollaEx Kit is an open-source white label crypto exchange software that allows anyone to launch and run their exchange and list tokens. It comes with a simple and user-friendly dashboard that can be customized even if the person has no coding skills.

The user interface has a 15 day free trial. To run the exchange and the HollaEx kit, one must stake the proprietary XHT (HollaEx) token. It can be reclaimed if the user decides to cease using the exchange at any time. The package promises a simple onboarding process and quick deployment of the trading platform.

KYC flow, affiliate and referral system, web front-end source code, and admin panel source code are included in the exchange software.

Infinite Block Tech

Infinite Block Tech is a cryptocurrency exchange development company. Their exchange platform builder will be a viable alternative for people who value security and simplicity. This solution gives users the opportunity to build their own sophisticated and customized cryptocurrency exchange.

Security is a top priority because there is a seven step process to ensure a fully integrated and stable platform before the exchange is handed over to the client. Aside from that, there are a variety of choices with reasonable pricing that change the user interface as well as the duration of the team’s assistance.




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